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  • Myer Agreement

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    Myer Agreement: An Overview

    The Myer Agreement was a strategic partnership formed between two of Australia`s largest department store chains – Myer and Coles Myer. The agreement was signed in 2004 with the aim of reducing costs and strengthening their bargaining power with suppliers.

    Under the agreement, Coles Myer, which at the time owned Myer, agreed to supply Myer with a range of goods and services, including finance, IT, and supply chain management.

    The main aim of the partnership was to improve efficiency and reduce costs across both businesses. By pooling resources and economies of scale, the two companies hoped to improve their competitiveness and ability to negotiate with suppliers.

    The agreement also included a number of other initiatives, such as the rationalization of store layouts and the establishment of a shared marketing database.

    However, the Myer Agreement was not without its challenges. The two companies had different cultures and management styles, which led to some difficulties in implementing the changes required.

    In addition, the deal was seen by some as a missed opportunity for Coles Myer to sell off Myer and focus on its core business of grocery retailing.

    Despite these challenges, the Myer Agreement was seen as a significant milestone in the evolution of Australia`s retail industry. The cooperation between the two companies was seen as a positive step towards increased efficiency, improved customer service, and a more competitive retail landscape.

    In 2006, Coles Myer sold Myer to a private equity consortium, but the legacy of the Myer Agreement lives on. The partnership demonstrated the benefits of collaboration in the retail sector and paved the way for future partnerships between Australian retailers.


    The Myer Agreement was a landmark partnership between two of Australia`s largest retailers. While it faced some challenges, the agreement was seen as a positive step towards improving efficiency and strengthening bargaining power in the retail sector.

    Today, the Myer Agreement serves as a reminder of the benefits of collaboration and innovation in the face of changing market conditions. As the retail sector continues to evolve, partnerships and strategic alliances may play an increasingly important role in driving growth and competitiveness.